Gender Critical Account Ghost Banned on Twitter

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From the title, you probably already know who I’m talking about. They’re known for having a large majority of straight “allies” and being so focused on “biological sex” that women have been reduced to incubators.

If you’re still reading, and haven’t realised who we’re talking about, it’s LGB Alliance.

They’ve been known for sharing gender-critical, transphobic content for the past three years and it’s no surprise that their account on Twitter has been Ghost Banned – especially after registering as a charity and getting funding from the National Lottery, which could be going to an actual charity.

But, of course, none of this is true – according to their followers and co-founders who are adamant that they stand for equality while posting misinformed information on their social media. They’ve even stated that the information that the LGBTQIA Community have been spreading about them isn’t true and that they didn’t public or post such “transphobia” while also stating that the “Queers” (aimed towards the Gender Non-Conforming and Trans community) has ruined pride and that it was only the “Gay and Lesbian” pride before we came along… I think they’re forgetting about a very prominent member of the stonewall riots.

On their own website, under Myths – where they correct myths and state facts, they’ve decided to specify that sex is binary, sex is observed at birth, and there is uncertainty about the long-term effects of puberty blockers. Weird, isn’t it? I love their sources… Tabloid articles and unrelated NHS articles, it’s impressive to be so confident.

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So, let me correct the Myths that they’re stating are facts.

  • Sex is Binary – False
    Sex has never been binary in the human race. Given the most popular sexes are in fact Male and Female, but there is one that they like to ignore to support their arguments – Intersex people. We make up 1.7% of the human race, and as someone in the Intersex community, I would like to advise that this figure is probably only based on those found to be intersex in the first 16 years of their lives. I found out I was Intersex at the age of 19, I am not included in that percentage. Because quite a lot of Intersex people, with chromosomes that don’t match their assigned gender, don’t find out they’re intersex until a medical emergency happens. After all, I only found out because I had a cyst on my ovary… Which is actually a testicle.
  • Sex is observed at birth – False
    Once again, I found out my “sex” aged 19. I was ASSUMED female. But I’m not, and according to the LGB Alliance, I would be classified as a Male under their idea of Binary Gender due to my Chromosomes containing a Y.
  • There is uncertainty about the long-term effects of puberty blockers – False
    We know that using Puberty Blockers for those who need them decreases the likelihood of suicide greatly. We know that if someone detransitions they will start going through their assigned puberty as if nothing happened, as long as no HRT has been taken. It has now been almost thirty years since they started being used (1993), and there are no signs or proof that puberty blockers have any long-term effects other than preventing the person from going through puberty while they’re being administered.
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The LGB Alliance is a hate group. And most of the LGBTQIA community is aware of it. But of course, it’s Homophobic for a “Queer” person to be against them.

I hope the National Lottery realises their mistake and pull funding. That money could be going to an organisation that actually helps people instead of spreading hate online for fun.



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