Lizzo Falls Off Equality Wagon – Uses Ableist Slur in Newest Song (Grrrls)


I’ve been an avid fan of Lizzo since I was first introduced to her music back in 2020.

And with her stance on equality, basic respect and dignity, I never thought I’d need to write this article.

Besides her music and popular self-expression, Lizzo is also well known for showing support towards the LGBT+ community, including being recorded correcting people using the incorrect pronouns for Demi Lovato.

So, what happened?

Lizzo posted a video in which she says an ableist slur. The slur, derived from “Spastic”, and used against the disabled community for the past 60 years was said quite clearly in the video.

It’s a word that not even the disabled community has collectively reclaimed. So, why did Lizzo say it? From what the video shows, there’s no reason for it and no excuse for using it. If this is the lyric that she chose for her song… It’s going to bomb.

The disabled community on TikTok have already made videos showing their uproar with many explaining why her doing this causes them so much emotional pain.

For many of us, in the disabled community, we were called this for simply existing. It’s one of many slurs in life that should never be used.

The TikTok went viral two days ago with able people praising and enjoying the video, not seeing or understanding the issue at all. And, sadly, most have chosen to either ignore it or attack disabled people online who’ve spoken out about Lizzo’s use of the slur.

I’m seriously hoping that Lizzo sees the backlash, apologises, and fixes the song. Otherwise, that’s another LGBT+ Ally to fall short of the equality wagon…


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