People Who Failed Basic Biology

It’s not uncommon for uterus owners to have to deal with ignorant people when it comes to the reproductive tract. And it’s starting to really get on my nerves.


He came to the birth but wasn’t happy that I did in fact show up as well #narctok #narcabuse #fyp #babydaddy

♬ the joke is on you. icarly – Kate

Before I go into my own experiences, I want you to watch this video by @emszatko on TikTok.

I’m not overly sure whether men like this are being serious or just making a really dull joke, but this is crazy to think that a man genuinely thought a mother would be able to avoid being at the baby’s birth… When she’s the one birthing said baby.

This isn’t the first time that something like this has been commented, though.

And it seems that the reproductive tract and menstrual cycle are a complete mystery to those who don’t have to deal with them.

I guess, ignorance really is bliss.

In previous employment, while at work a male colleague asked why I kept needing to take comfort breaks. I advised that it was my time of the month, to which he responded with “can’t you just postpone it until your annual leave at the end of the week?”

Of course, I stared at him blankly for a few minutes. I didn’t know how to tell him that it was something that happened, whether or not I wanted it to, and was completely unscheduled by myself as it runs on its own clock.

The same colleague on another occasion suggested I “let it all out” in one day so I wasn’t as emotional. Bearing in mind, I wasn’t being emotional because of my period – I’d just lost an important relative to me, and I wasn’t even on my period.

It’s not a mystery why a lot of men know nothing about the female reproductive system. Between Sex Education in the UK and USA being abysmal and parents not teaching their sons anything about women, it’s no longer all that shocking.

There’ve been a lot of men complaining about people campaigning for sanitary products to be tax-free, or free entirely since they’re an essential – not a luxury. But, of course, a lot of the men outed themselves as imbeciles when they claimed that we can just hold it.

Thankfully, in response to most of these videos on the internet, specifically on TikTok, a large number of creators have begun posting menstrual content to educate. And now, because of the most recent research that suggests women often ignore heart attacks thinking it’s period pain, a lot of men have decided to use period stimulators. And these beautiful videos were born.



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