Enough Is Enough – London Rally – 18/06/22

On June 18th 2022, a march on London will be commencing at 12:00 to protest against the increasing poverty of the UK.

Trades Union Congress are organising the march and rally to tell our government that enough is enough.

With over 2 million food bank users nationwide, its abysmal for MPs to continue labelling our most vulnerable as “incompetent” with their money, “lazy”, and unskilled.

MPs have continued to state that there is more than just a lack of money causing people to use food banks – but the numbers don’t lie.

With more and more people living below the national living wage, and the cost of living inflating dramatically without any assistance from the government, the numbers are only going to keep rising.

Stand together on June 18th in London. Need travel? Check out TUC for free coach travel into London.



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