Priti Patel Brands Human Rights Court RACIST

Is it surprising that the Tories are trying to pull out of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) because it’s a European Institution? They see European and assume it’s the EU. Which isn’t the case.

But, of course, this comes from a government party that believes forcing people to a country they’ve never lived in, or even visited, is the solution to our “immigration problem”.

Pulling out of the ECHR would allow the Tories to continue in their crusade to pull back on Human Rights for minorities in our country. More and more people will lose their civil rights, and it won’t stop with deporting refugees to Rwanda.

The ECHR recently blocked the deportation of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants from the UK to Rwanda. I’m not sure who exactly believes sending people from one country to another country, against their will, is a good idea – but I certainly don’t.

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Because of the ECHR blocking the plane that was due to take off just minutes after the notification was announced, Priti Patel stated judges behaved scandalously in blocking the flight, and that if the refugees were being sent anywhere else, it wouldn’t’ve been blocked.

She had this to say about the judges in the ECHR: “If it was France, if we were sending people to Sweden, New York, Sydney, would they change their mind? That actually speaks of inbuilt prejudice and, I would even go as far as to say, racism.”

No, Patel. They wouldn’t. Because we have no right to be deporting groups of people to a country they have never lived in, let alone even visited.

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In what decent society, is sending non-Rwandan refugees to Rwanda, a good idea when a potential war is about to break out in Rwanda?

In what decent society do we invite people in from Ukraine due to their war, but deport others fleeing wars in the middle east?

How can we turn our backs on people fleeing conflict, while paying our own citizens to take in people from another conflict?

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The European Court of Human Rights isn’t racist. The Tories are. They’re refusing assistance to those who’ve been needing it, since we started bombing their countries and since we started providing weapons to their countries; while providing support to Ukraine, who – ironically – is a majoritively white country.

We have interfered and attacked so many countries in the middle east, caused wars, and provided weapons for wars – yet we take no responsibility for this.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help Ukraine, obviously. But it’s blatantly obvious that we’re only really helping them because they’re a European, majoritivily white country.

So, no, Priti – the ECHR isn’t racist. Your party is.



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