“WOKE” Builders – According to Mail on Sunday

A study on 2,000 builders has come back with good results. It shows that 3/4 of builders are now discussing their feelings with colleagues. But, when the Mail on Sunday’s Stian Alexander decided to report on it – he listed them as being Woke.

For reference, Woke actually means: alert to injustice in society, especially racism. Which, last time I checked, doesn’t link back to having good emotional health, not wanting to eat a fry-up, and having personal interests.

Laurence Turner put it the best:

Construction workers have been known for making up a large portion of suicides for the past decade. Mainly because they’re expected to be manly.

So, why did he do this? Most likely his own internalised toxic masculinity. The idea that other men discussing their feelings is woke, really points out that Mr Alexander most likely doesn’t talk about his feelings at all.

Journalism is supposed to be about the news, studies, or current events. But it always shows you who the person is that is writing the content. And this article proves that Mr Alexander is in need of therapy to talk about his feelings because flexing that you don’t share yours isn’t a good look. Hopefully, he’ll do better in future.



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