Songs that Came Back From the Dead

With shows like Stranger Things bringing up songs that most people can’t remember, and the rest don’t know. For example, Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush is now a No1 single for her – 37 years after the song was released.

But that’s not the only song that’s risen back to fame after a show or film came out. I think most people, outside of the gay community, were re-introduced to George Michael’s Careless Whisper back 2016 when the Deadpool was released.

And that’s not the only one, the one I’ve loved most coming back is easily Rasputin by Boney M. The remix is surprisingly good and, honestly, it’s nice hearing it on the radio. Though, I will never stop seeing Bucky Barnes from the Marvel Comics and Films while listening to it – the Y/N fanfictions on TikTok have officially ruined me.



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