Why I Call My Bulimia: ED

I started experiencing Bulimia at the age of twelve. I’ve officially been suffering from Bulimia for over half of my life now. But I’ve only been in recovery since July 17th 2022.


My bulimia is paired with intrusive thoughts. They influence me to give into my disorder, eat until I purge, and then make me feel guilty afterwards. The thoughts aren’t my own. Given that they’re in my head, of course, but they’re not thoughts that I want – nor ones I can willingly get rid of.

So, I call my Bulimia, ED.

A lot of people with eating disorders do this, whether it’s for the same reason or their own reason. Some change the name entirely.

Personally, I think it’s a healthy idea to disassociate my eating disorder from me. Given that I have Bulimia, and I am the one in control of my Bulimia, the thoughts that make me lose control occasionally – they’re not my own.

And that is why I’m Leaving ED.

Please note that the Stay Queer server has closed down. However, The Butterfly Sanctuary server is recommended for anyone seeking support and community while dealing with an Eating Disorder.

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