Brighton Counter-Protest Attendees

On September 18th 2022, a counter-protest was held in Brighton in response to the infamous TERF Posie Parker (Kelly-Jay Keen) infesting the town with her few “Women’s Rights Activists” and far-right possy.

Trans people and trans allies attended Victoria Gardens and were met with TERFs aplenty. Police officers formed a line, facing the counter-protest, protecting the hate speech that was being yelled by Parker and her gang.

In attendance at the “Women’s Rights” protest, alongside Posie Parker, were Helen Joyce and Michael Chaves, to name a couple. Considering Posie Parker is obsessed with saying that her movement isn’t in line with the far right, it was worrying how many far-right activists, including Chaves, attended.

Chaves is part of “Alpha Team Assemble”, which is a conspiracy theory group with ties to the Independent Nationalist Network, which was a part of the DQHS protests, which saw Transphobes siding with Anti-Vaxxers and Neo Nazis.

Though, most of us are unsurprised by this. Mainly because Posie Parker is known for sharing racist comments – specifically towards black people and middle eastern people; known for sharing Islamophobic content; she even throws women’s rights under the bus for her Transphobic crusade – in her words, abortion rights are “worth setting aside” to keep women safe from the nasty, nasty trans women… /s
So much for being a Women’s Rights Activist…

Then there is Helen Joyce. A journalist turned transphobe who wrote a book about how we (the trans community and all women who support us) are delusional…

While at the Brighton protest on Sunday, she allegedly stole someone’s progressive/inclusive pride flag and cut out the parts supporting POC, Intersex, Trans, and Non-Binary people… Here is her displaying the flag, very happily. A pride flag ripped and ruined without reason.



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