Diplomat Aids Beating of Xi Protester

people in the streets of hong kong showing support for ukraine

With the atrocities in China currently, it’s unsurprising that people worldwide are protesting.

While most media outlets praise Xi for his growth in China, it’s important to remember how he’s done this.

A protest was held outside of the Chinese Consulate on October 16th. Hong Kong protesters were chanting and had a Xi banner showing him looking in the mirror, wearing a crown and boxers – a humiliating image.

  • Currently, 1 million Uyghur people in China’s detention centres are being tortured and sexually abused. We’re now witnessing a genocide of an ethnic group.
  •  Chinese citizens live in fear – being constantly monitored by extensive audio and video surveillance.
  •  They’re actively suppressing religious practices – specifically attacking Muslims and closing down Mosques.
  •  They’ve detained ethnic groups travelling from one region to another and have even forced sterilisation upon Muslim men and women.
  •  Xi has increased military spending and has officially created the world’s largest Navy fleet.
  •  Taiwan is fighting back against China as Xi attempts to “reunify” the country and has stated he’s willing to take it by force.
  •  China has also laid claim to uninhabited islands and pushed border boundaries, invading Japanese and Indian territories.
  •  Hong Kong is being actively attacked and prevented from protesting for Democracy.
  •  China has increased the societal crackdown, not allowing its citizens to socialise in large groups and arresting Human Rights Lawyers, academics, journalists, and activists.

So, what happened in Manchester?

The consulate staff removed the image, causing protesters to try and stop them.

The Chinese Diplomat then dragged a protester through the consulate gates, where consulate staff members viciously beat the protester.

A Manchester Police Officer rushed to aid the man being attacked. Still, this action is likely to cause unease between China and the UK governments even though a consulate isn’t technically an extension of foreign soil.

The assault hasn’t been addressed by the UK government, though it’s been three days since the incident occurred.

The news on this has seemingly been squashed with minimal coverage, which isn’t uncommon – especially with the UK media being overly supportive of human rights atrocities. 

The protester attacked was later taken to hospital and is recovering. 

The questions we now have are:

  • How long will it take for the UK government to act?
  • Are they going to respond?
  • Are they going to defend the police officer who intervened within the consulate? Or are they likely to throw him under the bus like Truss threw Kwarteng under the bus?

Content Warning: Violence



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