Just Another Number – Official Release

It has arrived!

My first-ever Bestseller has finally been re-released. Just Another Number was among the Top 100 on Amazon in the Horror Bestsellers category for nearly two years. It was a fantastic feeling to see my work finally get appreciated.

Just Another Number is a Dystopian Horror based around LGBTQ+ people being put into concentration camps – linking back to the Holocaust in WW2 and the camps in 2019 Chechnya. As a Jewish, LGBTQ+ person, I felt I needed to write this story. While I’m not in the situation myself, I’ve had family who were captive in the Holocaust, and I’ve lost people in Chechnya and Russia. But I never realised how true it would become – it’s become more and more likely to happen in the UK and USA; it’s frightening.

So, here it is. A book that I wrote in 24 hours, fully edited this time (yeah, imagine that). I hope you enjoy!



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