Do You Want to Live Forever?

Do you want to live forever?

I don’t know why the WordPress team are trying to make me more depressed, but this year’s prompts all feel like personal attacks. /j

Do I want to live forever?

We all know the answer is no.

For me, death is essential. We need an ending to be motivated to do something while we’re here.

It reminds me of flowers – we appreciate their existence while they’re growing, and when they blossom, and sometimes even when they’re dead. But if they didn’t die, we wouldn’t appreciate them as much because they’d always be there.

We love sunsets because every single one is different, no matter how regularly we see them.

The same can be said about people.

Life without death is meaningless. And in the words of the Doctor:

A good death is the best anyone can hope for.

The Doctor, Doctor Who, Season 9 – Episode 5

I plan on impacting, positively, as many lives as possible before I go. But live forever? No. I’ll be lucky to reach my 30s with how my mental and physical health is treating me. 

I don’t want to live forever. I just want a good death with a meaningful life.



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