Childhood Items – Where Are They Now?

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a youth. What became of it?

An item from my youth… I was attached to so many things over the years. My youngest fixation was on a pastel rainbow bed sheet – sounds weird, I know, but it was a soft terry towel sheet without the whispy bits. Every time my mum put it on my bed, it would be off within the night because I preferred to cuddle it rather than lay on it.

After that, my favourite toy ended up being a husky plushy. I bought her from a charity shop; she was a little broken but so cute. I called her Phoebe. 

In my teens, my obsession became my CD player (yes, a CD player, how old). Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford an iPod for the first couple of years, and my phone didn’t have enough storage, so I could only listen to music at home. 

When I got my first laptop, all that music got added to my computer, and when I finally got my iPod, I had hundreds of hours of music added to it. 

In reality, I was less focused on the music and more on the earphones that blocked out background noise so I could concentrate on lip reading. While I’m hard of hearing, I can still hear too much sometimes.

What happened to them?

Well, the blanket is still in the house somewhere; I’d never let my mum throw it away – even when it eventually got a little worn out and torn. 

Phoebe was donated to another charity back in 2019 who were collecting plushies for cancer patients. I steamed her and fixed her before she went. She’d been cuddled for almost a decade, and it showed.

As for the music and earphones – I wear earphones daily, I can’t go without them when I sleep, and most of the time, I’m not listening to anything. They’re just there to block out enough sound so I don’t get overwhelmed. Music, on the other hand, is my life – I listen to it daily, whether while working for Trans Radio UK or while relaxing and working on content. Music is my happy place, and it allows my mind to wander.

Those are the main things for me.



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