Snacking Dilemma

What snack would you eat right now?

I’m going to spin this prompt because if you know me, you know my snacking habits are abysmal.
I have issues deciding on what to eat. Besides the fact I struggle with not craving/fancying food due to years of an eating disorder and diet culture, even when I’m hungry, I’d still need someone to tell me what to eat.
As a kid, I think my favourite items were anything dairy. I loved drinking milk and eating cheese, which made me a pretty chubby kid – since I had difficulties drinking anything other than milk. And looking back, it was probably due to my Autism/ADHD; I was sensory seeking. Now, drinking milk (actual milk, not alt milk) makes me feel sick – the slightly creamy substance just makes me want to barf.
When I got to my teen years, I didn’t really snack that often, I didn’t eat breakfast, and I rarely ate lunch.
And when I became an adult, I think I just ate what was given to me. Which, regularly, was Freddo biscuits, fruit, and salted peanuts.
The last snack I craved was a couple of days ago… It was a Milkyway. Yes, the malt bar with minimal chocolate.
Why? Because I fancied chocolate… But not too much. How weird is that?

I think, overall, I’m a savoury person. I just need someone to tell me what to eat!



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