My Favourite UK Road Trip

Think back on your most memorable road trip.

A road trip in the UK can be just as fun but is around four times shorter.

I say this since driving from Falmouth to John O-Groats (two of the furthest mainland points in the UK) would only take 15 to 16 hours, at maximum.

While driving coast-to-coast mainland of the USA can take you around 50 hours from the furthest points – I picked Miami to Seattle.

But it’s not always the trip; it’s mostly the people you’re with.

Back in 2017, I got a text message at 9 AM saying I was being taken to Blackpool and I didn’t have a choice.

Within 15 minutes, there was a knock at the door, and I was on my way. We were going from East Coast to West Coast, in less than two hours.

It was hilarious because we were forecast brilliant skies and dry weather, only to be welcomed by a hail storm.

When we finally got there, we went into shops to find a bucket and spade for his daughter, ate too much candy, and eventually headed back home.

I wouldn’t go on the beach, since the sand would’ve caused me way too much sensory overload, so I stayed with him since his wheelchair couldn’t go on the sand without getting stuck.

It was a fantastic time, and I regularly cry thinking about it. 

Besides missing adventures, I miss him – sadly, Rapid passed back in 2018. We weren’t on the best of terms in the end, it’s something I regret, and I don’t regret much.

He was a truck spotter, so a convoy was organised as a tribute.



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