What Animal Would You Be?

What animal would you be?

There are many answers to this for me because I love animals. However, there is only one true answer that describes me, and anyone who knows me will agree.

I am a Raccoon.

Besides the fact that I have tiny hands, Raccoons are also obsessed with shiny objects. They keep their objects close to them, hoard them, and even protects them as if they’re the Raccoon’s babies. I can confirm, I do all of this.
I also eat trash – in the sense of eating out-of-date foods.
I’m eating it as long as it smells, looks, and tastes fine. Though, my partner hates me for it.

So, yes, I’d be a Raccoon – because I have tiny hands, love shiny objects, hoard random junk, eat expired food, and protect everything I love as if they’re my babies.

Thanks for coming to my TeddyTalk.

Now for some Raccoon gifs that best describe me:



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