Teddy’s Book Club: Think Outside the Boss

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I’ve set myself a task to read a minimum of 52 books this year. As we’re on week four, and only on book two, I think we’re all aware that I’m failing so far. I’m planning on reading books that I enjoy, which does include a lot of romance. So, without further-ado, here’s Olivia Hayles’s Think Outside the Boss.

Think Outside the Boss
Olivia Hayle

Thinking outside the box resulted in the best night of my life.
Until I discover the man I spent it with is my new boss.

Attending a secret party where clothes are optional wasn’t a life goal of mine.
But when the exclusive invitation ends up in my mailbox by accident… well.
Who wouldn’t be curious? It’s not like I’m going to do anything.

The handsome stranger I meet has different plans.
One glance across the crowded party, and an hour later we’re stretched out on silk.
Our night together is glorious. No names and no regrets.

But I’d forgotten there’s always a price to pay for pleasure.

I find out the cost when I start my internship.
Because who is the new venture capitalist CEO?

Tristan Conway, aka my handsome stranger.
Powerful, determined, intriguing… and single.
Oh, and he wants to see me in his office.

Thinking outside the box got me into this mess.
Now if I could just stop thinking about the boss…


Honestly, I’m in love with this book.
Tristan Conway is beyond a gentleman – mischievous, yes, but still a gent.
The dynamic between the couple is effortless to understand and relate to, and is easy to get hooked by.
Fantastic length, not too short or too long. Though, I wouldn’t’ve said no to getting a little more.

My only blip is the timeline – the book reads as if the plot is happening over a number of months.
And while that is technically true, it’s many fewer than it felt.
The book starts in November, and effectively comes to a conclusion in January.
While I know some relationships develop fast, it still felt a little jarring when weeks had gone by, but somehow, it was only Christmas.

Overall, extremely enjoyable – a couple of editing mistakes and jarring moments – but enjoyable, nonetheless.



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