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So, last week I reviewed Think Outside the Boss – which I’m going to repost below. But, I’ve finally finished the rest of the series – all five books. Here’s how they stand for me.

Think Outside the Boss
Olivia Hayle

Thinking outside the box resulted in the best night of my life.
Until I discover the man I spent it with is my new boss.

Attending a secret party where clothes are optional wasn’t a life goal of mine.
But when the exclusive invitation ends up in my mailbox by accident… well.
Who wouldn’t be curious? It’s not like I’m going to do anything.

The handsome stranger I meet has different plans.
One glance across the crowded party, and an hour later we’re stretched out on silk.
Our night together is glorious. No names and no regrets.

But I’d forgotten there’s always a price to pay for pleasure.

I find out the cost when I start my internship.
Because who is the new venture capitalist CEO?

Tristan Conway, aka my handsome stranger.
Powerful, determined, intriguing… and single.
Oh, and he wants to see me in his office.

Thinking outside the box got me into this mess.
Now if I could just stop thinking about the boss…


Honestly, I’m in love with this book.
Tristan Conway is beyond a gentleman – mischievous, yes, but still a gent.
The dynamic between the couple is effortless to understand and relate to, and is easy to get hooked by.
Fantastic length, not too short or too long. Though, I wouldn’t’ve said no to getting a little more.

My only blip is the timeline – the book reads as if the plot is happening over a number of months.
And while that is technically true, it’s many fewer than it felt.
The book starts in November, and effectively comes to a conclusion in January.
While I know some relationships develop fast, it still felt a little jarring when weeks had gone by, but somehow, it was only Christmas.

Overall, extremely enjoyable – a couple of editing mistakes and jarring moments – but enjoyable, nonetheless.

Saved by the Boss
Olivia Hayle

My rule is to never fall in love with a client.
His rule? To never fall in love at all.

I work at an elite matchmaking company. A failing one, to be honest. We’re near bankruptcy when billionaire Anthony Winter invests. It’s only business for him—he doesn’t believe in the company’s mission.

No, Anthony tells me true love is a lie and our clients are delusional. He’s a cynic in a thousand-dollar suit. He’s also a challenge I can’t resist. We make a bet. I have three dates to prove our service works.

Three dates to set him up with the woman he never knew he needed.

He has no intention of finding one. I have no intention of being her. But as we spend time together, I realize his cynicism is only a facade.

He’s a man hiding a painful secret. A man hurting. And most definitely a man worthy of true love.

He saved my company.
Will he let me save him in return?


Gosh, where do I start?

The story is well written, the plot is smooth.
Some of the formatting is a little *off* as its sometimes hard to see who’s saying what.

While I enjoyed the concept of a potentially disabled character, it got squashed a little when Summer admitted she’d be happier if he kept his eyesight…
Now, I understand the comment. But as a disabled person, it felt horrible to read that. I’m just happy that it was in the epilogue and not earlier in the book.
I’m not sure if I would’ve finished it, otherwise.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Anthony is extremely relatable as someone going through a sense deterioration.

Say Yes to the Boss
Olivia Hayle

My billionaire boss is the absolute last person I’d marry. Until a deal with the devil forces me down the aisle… ready to say yes to the boss.

I once compared Victor St. Clair to Satan, but that’s unkind. Even the devil treats his demons better than St. Clair treats me. I know his schedule by heart. He can’t remember my first name.

So when he calls me into his office, I’m expecting another rant. Instead he says he needs to get married to inherit the St. Clair fortune. Oh, and the kicker? He wants to marry me. His assistant.

A one-year marriage of convenience to the boss I hate.

It means living with Victor’s dark stares and silences for a full year. But it’s also a chance to quit my job and start my own business. He’s a jerk, but he’s also a respected businessman. How hard can it be?

Answer: very. Because there’s more to Victor than I thought. Things beyond learning his lunch orders and sending company memos. And while the man is cold, his kisses are hot enough to consume us both.

He drove me crazy at work. Now he drives me crazy in bed. But craziest of all is… I might get used to being Mrs. St. Clair.


Am I speed reading the series? Yes.
Am I doing it on purpose or by accident because they’re so addictive? Yes…? Both. Definitely both.

I suspect this is my favourite.
There’s a few moments where it’s hard to figure out who’s talking due to formatting.
But otherwise, it’s golden!

A Ticking Time Boss
Olivia Hayle

The golden angel who swooped in to save me from a nightmare first date turns out to be a billionaire vulture circling the company I work for.

Carter Kingsley: My savior and ruthless corporate raider hell bent on destroying the newspaper I love. Oh, and my new boss.

His first order of business? Cut half the staff. I should hate him. Easy, right?


I met him two weeks ago, when he saved me from the most awkward first date of my life. I was looking for a way out when he strolled up in a ten-thousand dollar suit with a winning smile, and told a white lie that turned the date from hell into heavenly bliss.

I left with his number in my phone, and spent the next two weeks staying up late to text him. He’s charming. Funny. Sincere.

Completely unlike the ruthless villain who comes in and carves us up.

My first order of business is to interview the new boss. But who is sitting on the other side of the desk? The man who saved and charmed me, or the one who’s threatening everything I hold dear?

Carter insists that we can still be friends, but I know that the whole situation is a ticking time bomb.


Well written, a few formatting issues that make it difficult to follow who’s talking sometimes. But otherwise, brilliant.
Shame that the ending rushed – the big reveal is 80% of the way in, it was soon something both characters were over, and it felt a little… off.
But the rest of the book was fantastic.

Also: yes, Carter has Golden Retriever energy, and I’m actually not mad about it.

Suite on the Boss
Olivia Hayle

Fake dating my billionaire boss to get revenge on my ex? Yes please.
But falling for him? That’s something I vowed never to do again.

Isaac Winter is the fourth-generation owner of the legendary 5th Ave hotel that bears his last name. He’s at the top of New York high society… and I’ve just left it behind.

When he hires my company, I’m thrust into endless meetings with him, determined to impress the cold, untouchable leader of the Winters.

The last thing I expected was to start fake dating him.

He needs his match-making family to take a step back. And me? Revenge on my cheating ex-husband sounds great, and even better when it’s with a man whose name opens every door in the city.

The line between fake and real soon gets smudged by our late-night conversations. Isaac’s driven, passionate, intelligent… and far less controlled than he seems. Revenge feels deliciously suite.

But I’m done with rich New York men and their cheating ways.
They think they can buy anything they want… but my heart’s not for sale.


I’ve officially read the entire series, and sadly this is the weakest link.

It’s a good book, don’t get me wrong.
But the plot is… Wonky.
Sophia goes from being heartbroken, to agreeing to fake date a client, goes on and off of feeling guilty about it, and rushes back and forth between loving Isaac and disliking him.

There’s little character development, it just kind of feels a little lacking.

But, overall, it’s still a worthy read!

And that’s the entire series! Thankfully, they’re all standalones so – if you’re going to read any of them – read the first four. Specifically, Carter’s story and Anthony’s. They’re my favourites.


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