Remembered or Forgotten?

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How does death change your perspective?

I’ve spoken about this one in the past – the idea that you live so you can die because dying isn’t just the death itself but the aftermath.
How do you think people will respond when they find out you’re gone? Do you think they’re going to cry or laugh?
It reminds me of A Christmas Carol. The chains that the spirits have wrapped around them, holding them down. Imagine if each link was a person rather than a mistake— it’s someone who remembers you.
As I’m writing this, I remember this is the entirety of what Dias De Muertos stands for.
How many people will remember you after you’re gone? I don’t mean daily because that would be sad for those left behind, and I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.
But how many people would celebrate your life on the anniversary of your death or your birthday?
Are you going to stick around, or will you be forgotten?
For me, being remembered for something good is what I’d want my life and death to be.
I’m not going to cure cancer or fix world hunger – I wish I could, but I only have two brain cells, and they’re arguing about who came third place…
But I hope that when I do go, however it happens, I hope someone celebrates my life. Preferably not over alcohol… For obvious reasons.
I write to create the content I enjoy, and if that works for someone else, that’s awesome. I need to stop deleting work, though. Nobody can enjoy it if it doesn’t exist!


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