Andrew Tate Romanian Detention Continues

Andrew Tate – the man, the myth, the legend… Maybe not the last two, but he is undoubtedly a prime example of the type of man all women are afraid of.

Andrew Tate in an Interview with James English (2022)

And for a good reason.

Besides Tate boasting online about how men should treat women – forcing them to obey, stating men are entitled to sex, that women are partially responsible for their rape, and has even gone as far as to say women belong to me. He’s never really had a good bone in his body.

He’s bragged about taking women from the US, and other countries, and making them work in Romania. And, finally, Romania has taken action.

The Tate brothers have officially been in detention since December, and have since lost their appeal to be released. So they’re remaining until at least February 27th.

This wasn’t a shock to anyone that listened to him with open ears. On the contrary, men who follow him have either been shocked or outraged by the suggestions of the pair committing Human Trafficking, Rape, and Organised Crime.

The Tates’ were arrested, along with two Romanian locals and a former police officer… The latter not being a surprise since Tate had bragged about the police eating out of his hand. 

At this point, six victims – including minors – have been identified. And while Tates’ lawyers are trying to get them released since being held “without charge for more than 30 days violated their international human rights.”

I’m hoping that the troop are officially charged soon and that the Romanian government will take a stand. 

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