Androphobia – A Rising Case

When women say they’re afraid of men after an assault – direct or indirect, they’re usually combatted with “not all men” or “don’t tarnish us all with the same brush”.

However, if you hear someone say they’re afraid of dogs due to an attack, whether direct or indirect, you understand immediately.
Of course, there are always Karen’s announcing that their chihuahua isn’t vicious, just bitey.

So, why do we have to justify our fear of cis, straight men? We don’t, even if angry men request it.

But, let’s take a look at an example of why people are often afraid of men.


Ex-Met Police Officer, David Carrick, is in court on 49 offences against 12 victims over the last two decades.

During the hearing, we’ve learnt how he used his power as an officer to intimidate, control, and assault the victims.
As it stands, his crimes are sexual assault and rape.

He is said to have held a handgun to the head of a victim, saying that she “you’re not going”. Carrick also choked a victim and told them he was going to be “the last thing she saw”.

One victim, who attended hospital for her injuries, was advised by a nurse that her rape case wouldn’t “go to court” and that she should “put it behind her and move on”.

Carrick pleaded guilty last month – a day later, he was fired from the Met Police.

Let me repeat that – he was under investigation, while still on the force. And was only fired when he pleaded guilty.

His crimes were committed between 2003 and 2020. However, the police were aware of allegations against him from 2000 – 2001.

Carrick is due to receive his sentence tomorrow morning.

We’re afraid of men, because of men like Carrick.
We’re afraid of police officers, because of officers like Carrick.

He isn’t the first, he won’t be the last, and there are plenty more on the force and in public.

Before you say #NotAllMen think about why we’re afraid.

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