GB News – Phase Three – Big Ambitions

I’m not sure about anyone else, but Phase Three for me was all about the Infinity Stones and Ragnarok, but CEO Frangopoulos has announced that GB News is heading into its third phase of development.

The right-wing production is as popular as ever, and their new phase is based around cutting off waste and challenging the BBC for the most-watched news channel in the UK, by 2028.

While it’s an admirable challenge, whether they’re going to achieve it or not is a different story.

At this moment, GB News is barely scraping the halfway mark of the number of all-day viewers the BBC has. For example, the data from Nov 22 – Dec 21 shows that their best news day was December 13th, with 44k viewers. It sounds like a lot – but in comparison to the BBC, which averages around 85k a day, GB News’ average of 30k is… far from where it needs to be to try and compete to be the biggest news channel in the UK.

They might have a chance of beating Sky News, but that’s less to do with the content than it is to do with the broadcasting industry. Less and less people are willing to pay for their news – and TV in general – especially when it’s readily available online.

So, what do you think? Is GB News going to be the biggest news broadcast in 2028?

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