Amazon the F.ckBoy – KDP Petition

It’s 2023, and Amazon is trying to get Indie Authors to be exclusive, even when they have no say about it.
When an author publishes their work on Amazon – specifically Kindle Unlimited – they’re joining KDP Select. It gives readers exclusivity – reading our work “for free” because they have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.
But, for some reason, Amazon has taken that as being allowed to dictate where we sell our books.
If you publish your work anywhere else on the internet – whether free or otherwise – Amazon currently has the right to remove your KDP account, delete your work from their marketplace, and keep the earnings you’ve not currently received.

Amazon is trying to get us to be exclusive, while also playing the field – sounds like a fuckboy to me.

The reason it’s been brought to most authors’ attention is because Amazon has removed several authors from their marketplace for content that was pirated.
Books being pirated is beyond annoying, and while there are ways to safeguard against it – Amazon isn’t taking any of them. In fact, it’s been proven time and time again that the pirated copies are coming from Amazon…
You’d think the biggest eBook retailers in the world would take care of those who choose to publish with them, but instead, they’re just throwing their weight around like a tantruming teenager.

For this reason, Marlow Locker has created a petition to grab Amazon’s attention. It requires a minimum of 25k signers, the petition was set up two months ago but in less than a day has received nearly 5k. We’re currently less than 1k away from the target.
If you want to support the authors you know and love, please sign the petition and show them you care. Because Amazon is taking our livelihoods away, because they can’t be bothered to take care of the work we trust them to distribute.

Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.


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