Write Your Story

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Write your story as it needs to be written. Write it honestly, and tell it as best you can.

Neil Gaiman

I’ve been writing for over a decade. When I started, I wrote for everyone else. Writing fantasy romances and sci-fi with traces of me. Rather than books around my interests.

After publishing my ninth book, I realised two things:

  • That I hated writing in third person.
  • That I hated writing what everyone else wanted me to write.

After publishing Ace of Hearts back in 2018, I took a break… A long, long break. I’ve not published a new story since.

So, I’m going to say this to anyone reading this looking to get into writing:

Write what you want. You have no idea how many books I’ve seen fail under traditional publishers simply because the book was written for the publisher, rather than the author themselves.

That being said, I’m currently working on my tenth novel – with the aims of it to be released this year. I wrote it with the intention of a traditional publisher accepting it, but also wrote it with my desires for a book. Will it be successful? Maybe, maybe not. We’re about to find out. But either way, I wrote something I enjoyed and will be publishing this year.

Write for yourself – because you won’t be the only person in the world who wants to hear the story.



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