My Favourite ‘Candies’

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What’s your favourite candy?

Because of the UK’s candy plethora, I’m going to split this into several categories.

Starting with Gummies!
Honestly, it’s hard to pick a specific type since I live next door to the Haribo Factory in Yorkshire.
At one point, my favourite Haribos were the Panda Gummies. Very strange, but delicious.
I’d probably still devour them now.
But when we’re looking at Gummies overall, I would say Tangtastics are my favourite – or anything similar. Chewy, sour goodness. If your tongue isn’t shredded by the end of the bag, then what’s the point?

The chocolate category!
I fucking love chocolate. I recently became a big fan, probably due to coming off of my meds (oops) and my hormones being all over the place. But chocolate is delicious.
My favourite chocolate bar is simple: Milky Way (a Three Musketeers in the US). And I know it’s not very chocolatey but it’s fantastic. I love the soft centre, I love the pull it gives when you tear it, and the chocolate is similar to freddos which are my second favourite.
In terms of a chocolate snack – I would say either Mini Eggs, Plain M&Ms, or Chocolate covered Coffee Beans.
Of course, Mini Eggs are almost impossible to find after Easter and M&Ms are expensive; but Chocolate coated Coffee Beans… They hit different. Get a small bag and try them, they’re amazing. But if you have ADHD, be prepared for a nap.

And finally, hardboiled!
Humbugs – because black and white is a great combination and I fucking love mint. But, in saying that, a pear and custard goes a long way. And I am secretly an old woman – I definitely have a ton of Wethers in my bag.
I’d like to suggest Lollipops are also in this category – which reminds me that Cola, Cherry, and Apple Lollipops are my favourites… They’re delicious.

Now I want candy… Damn it.



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