My Favourite Shoes

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Tell us about your favourite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

Considering I have difficulties walking, my shoes don’t really take me as far as they used to. In terms of where they used to take me, now that’s a different story.

I have several pairs of shoes that I adore with my whole heart.

There’s my Nike Runners – I bought them in 2020 when I started running, back when I could run, and they gave me support. Now, they’re the easiest shoes to wear when I’m around and about. Before the weakness intensified, they took me to the bus stop, from the station to work, from work to video game stores and around the city.

Then, there are my New Rocks – I have two sets. Ankle boots and shoes – both black, with huge platforms, and a very bouncy step. They’re beautiful. Back when I was walking everywhere, I felt like I was weighted to the ground – in a good way. Sadly, now they’re in storage since I’m not strong enough to wear them when working and they’re too big to wear in my wheelchair.

I miss my shoes…



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