My Mate – Book Release

When I say I’ve written a few books, I mean it. There are some works that you’ll never see again! That being said – the second book I ever wrote became an Amazon Bestseller in the Contemporary Fantasy category in 2017.

My Mate was weirdly popular – and I mean that literally. It’s potentially one of my worst writings, yet one of my most popular. And, I suppose, I get it. It’s simple, short, and a Lesbian romance with a Non-Binary main character.

I wrote the book between 2010 and 2014 – it took way too long, considering how short it was. And it was, of course, a Wattpad story!

Yes, my career started on Wattpad

When I finally published My Mate in 2017, the hype was unbelievable. I didn’t really need to do much, and it just sold itself.

I eventually made it free to download, which made many readers happy.

Over a decade after I started writing the book and almost a decade since I finished it, I’ve officially re-released it on my website.

Is it edited to perfection? God, no! Will it ever be? Probably not.

It is, and always will be, one of my least favourite works. It had potential as a story but was too erratic, which is entirely down to my mental health at the time.

I may be stormy now, but back then I was suicidal and manic. I was in high school – which was hell enough.

All of that shows quite clearly. 

Maybe one day, I’ll rewrite it entirely. But, for the time being, My Mate is now available on my website to read for free! Or, if you fancy supporting me, you can buy the eBook for 99p from my store.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else used to. Even if it doesn’t make much sense…

Anywho – click below to read it!

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.


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