Break the Binary: The Life of a Trans Enby

A throwback to 2019.

We get it; it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that your loved one is a different kind of loved one now.

We’re now a man or a woman, or something in between or above and beyond. We use different pronouns, we dress differently, and we’ve changed our name - probably.

But something you have to understand is this: we’re still the same person.
We still like the same things; our favourite food, hobbies, and interests are still the same.
We may look different, eventually sound different, and may go through a medical change - for those who seek surgery and HRT - but we’re still the same person.
We may not be your Son or Daughter anymore, but we’re still your child.
We may not be your Brother or Sister anymore, but we’re still your sibling.
We’re still your partner, your lover, your colleague, your friend.
Remember that.



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