Sparkling or Still?

What’s your favourite drink?

As an Autistic person, I’ve learnt that the only way to get fluid into me is by drinking sparkling liquids.
Whether it’s sparkling water or soda – it all counts.
Though, what I’ve learnt is that it needs to be of a flavour I like.
I can drink flavoured sparkling water or sugar free lemonade if the flavour is nice.

I think the reason I drink sparkling drinks better than still and unflavoured water is because I’m a sensory seeking person.
The bubbles on my tongue, the taste, and then the full feeling carbonated drinks give you – much more satisfying than water.

My go to is a sugar free lemonade for that reason.

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1 thought on “Sparkling or Still?

  1. I love sparkling water… no added flavours … although if I could get Perrier with lime, I’d drink that


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