10 Minutes in Hell – Flash Fiction

I was prompted to write flash fiction with exes stuck in an elevator.
Here it is.

This story is about Kiki and Ashton – high school sweethearts who’d separated due to a mutual friend.

Length: 419 words
If you wish to download 10 Minutes in Hell for offline reading, it is now downloadable from my store.

Ashton and Kiki live in the same block of flats – they grew up together, even dated from teenagers into adulthood, but soon parted ways after their split. Neither one fully knows what happened. And now, they’re stuck in the elevator waiting for help.

Ashton finishes his conversation with the emergency team via the elevator’s interface and sits in the opposite corner of Kiki. “Out of all the people I could get stuck in here with… It had to be you,” he groans.

Rolling her eyes, Kiki shakes her head. “You’re an arsehole, you know that?”

“I may be an arsehole, but at least I’m not a cheat…” He comments while flicking through social media on his phone.

With a confused and questioning frown on her face, Kiki says, “what did you say?”

“At least I’m not a cheat…” He says again, a little louder this time.

“I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life!” Kiki exclaims, her mouth hanging open slightly – gobsmacked by the remark, especially after so many years of the pair being separated and silent.

Ashton blinks rapidly, taking in the information. “But… You cheated on me…”

“No, I didn’t… I would never,” Kiki tells him, a sour expression on her face.


Kiki interrupts him, “but nothing. I never cheated on you; I wouldn’t’ve done that to you. You should’ve known that.”

“But Mark said-” he says, swiftly being cut off by Kiki once again.

 Kiki scoffs, “Mark said what? That I cheated? Let me guess, he told you that I cheated on you with him, am I right?”

Ashton sighs, “yeah…”

Kiki bites her bottom lip as she tries to stay silent. She’d never gotten over him – he’d been her first crush, first love… First everything. After a long silence, she whispers, “you’re still so naïve…” She pauses, tears welling in her eyes. “You know he was chasing me, right?”

Looking over to her quickly, his eyes wide. “Seriously?”

She slowly bobs her head, letting out a long exhale as she slumps against the wall. Mark had been repeatedly asking her out at the time. But, even after Ashton had left, she’d still said no. “He may as well have broken up for you…”

Ashton throws his head back – hitting it against the elevator wall, anger filling him. He’d thrown away the best relationship he’d ever had… For nothing. “Fuck…” He groans as the elevator begins moving again, finally reaching a floor so they can exit and escape this awkward situation.

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.


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