From Homophobia to Far Right Politics – Azealia Banks

Every time an artist as prominent as Sam Smith releases a track around their sexuality, you’re always going to get a bigot announcing how bad their music is. Azealia Banks is no different.
She recently said the following:

These gay artists think these forced displays of sexuality are revolutionary… What is this bootleg Pussycat doll aesthetic? The white gays don’t know what to do with themselves anymore.

It’s becoming difficult to ignore the blatant homophobia. Mainly because if you change out gay artists for any other minority, it would cause significant backlash for her.

So, what’s the deal? Why are people accepting this?

Well, because queer music is taking the charts regularly nowadays and insecure rappers like Banks don’t like it. After all, it’s only okay if it’s their music! 

The concept that an artist is forcing their sexuality into a song while Banks herself released sexualised songs – including 212, which includes lyrics such as:

Now she wanna lick my plum in the evenin’
And fit that ton-tongue d-deep in
I guess that c*nt getting eaten

But, of course, it’s gays that force their sexuality into songs – unlike Banks, who doesn’t at all use her Bisexuality to queerbait Lesbians… /s

Is this the worst thing Banks has said? No. She also endorsed Donald Trump in 2016, retracted the endorsement stating “Women’s rights are important and we must protect them”, only to celebrate Trump’s election win: “He is my fucking hero right now. I am elated.”

But it doesn’t stop there! She also endorses Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has urged Ukraine to surrender. While also saying Putin is her “favorite super villain ever”.

Another rapper and singer showing their internalised homophobia because they’re just not as popular – shame.

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