2023 Insults – Let’s Not Use Ableist Slurs

It’s become all too common for ableist language to be used as insults – but it’s 2023, and insults can be much harsher and funnier.

Mocking someone’s intelligence doesn’t have to be linked to ableist language, though most insults currently are.

Words like Idiot, Stupid, Spaz, and Retard are all slurs used towards the disabled community. As someone with AuDHD and a multitude of mental health conditions, these are words that have been thrown at me for the majority of my life. So, why are they still used so casually towards people we disagree with?

During arguments, mocking someone’s intelligence is a common practice. It’s not that the person you’re mocking is inherently unintelligent, but perhaps not knowledgeable on the subject at hand.

And while I personally believe that insulting someone’s intelligence to try and win an argument defeats the objective of getting your point across and maybe informing someone, I do like a funny insult. Though, I typically use mine when comedically roasting friends and family rather than during arguments.

So, here are some insults I’ve used in the past – some are very morbid and rude, so please take care.

You’re the reason shampoo has instructions.

You’re an adult, but have the confidence of a toddler attending nursery for the first time.

You’re the type of person to complain that wax melts don’t taste how they smell.

You hold water worse than a colander.

You’re an adult, but you’re screaming for your mum as if she’s dropping you off at daycare.

You have three brain cells in the race, and they’re all gunning for fourth place. 

You have more spoons in a day than I’ll have in a week, yet you’re still trying to eat soup with a fork.

This puts an itch on the roof of my mouth that only a shotgun can scratch.

You’d make Rick Astley give up.

Remember – when trying to win an argument, insults are not the way to go.
But, if you must insult someone – don’t use a slur.

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