The Last of Us – “Woke” Plots

It’s Sunday which means another Last of Us episode is about to air.
And I feel like I need to remind people of certain the storylines and plots.

So, if youve not played the game and you’re not caught up on the show – avoid this.

– Ellie has always been gay. In the first game, she mentioned Riley and during the DLC it was explicitly shown that Ellie and Riley were an item. Ellie ended up dating Dina in the second game – TLOU2 wasn’t “woke”, nothing changed.

– Bill was also gay, and always was. The show decided to correct the canon that the game failed at – AKA. Bill and Frank got a somewhat happy ending rather than them splitting and Frank dying due to having limited survival skills.

– Henry and Sam were African American in the games… They weren’t changed in the shows… What was changed in the show is that Sam is Deaf and Mute, which wasn’t in the games. This small amount of representation was fantastic in the show, and I loved it. If you’re upset that a single character can’t hear or speak… You’re a problem.

– “Joel wasn’t Mexican in the games”. And? Firstly, Joel wasn’t real, he’s not based on a real person, and he doesn’t even look that much Troy Baker… Pedro Pascal looks more like Joel than Troy did, and he’s got the correct vibes. Secondly, Pedro is from Chile, not Mexico. Just say you’re racist.

– “Joel wasn’t mentally ill in the game” – the story line wasn’t changed… At all… We’re aware Joel deals with depression and anxiety after what happened to Sarah, Tommy, and Tessa. It’s definitely portrayed better in the show – once again, if this is your issue… Just stop.

– “Bella doesn’t look like Ellie!” Ashley also didn’t look like Ellie. We all thought Ellie was based off Elliot Page back in the day. If we hire people based solely on their features for fictional characters the production and acting is going to do down hill very quickly…

That’s that for the time being. I’m excited to see Troy Baker in the show, that’s coming up shortly.

Other game adaptions are on the horizon – from Fallout to Bioshock. Remember: video games are regularly tackling politics, discrimination, and representation. If you don’t like the game, you won’t like the show.

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