Turning Failures into a Success

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Failures don’t set you up for success like most people think they do.
Given that all success stories start with failures, not all failures end with successes.

For failures to lead to success, you need to learn from the mistakes made. And regularly we don’t. We fail, we feel disheartened, and we try again without really looking at what happened.

For me, I learnt that writing to a precise word count requirement and theme doesn’t work for me. I failed time and time again. It wasn’t that my writing was poor, it was that it didn’t inspire me. So while I always hit the targets and requirements, they were just never something I was proud of.

After five years of writing professionally, I realised that the only way I would be able to create something I enjoyed was to write what I wanted to read.

My failure was allowing others to dictate what my books would be about, how long they were, and how detailed.

My success was learning to ignore what publishers wanted and write for me, and my community. To write how I wanted to read, to create something I can feel.

Failures are a learning experience, and acknowledging that is the only way to get success from them.

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