Tennessee: Marriage Discrimination Is Now Legal

Tennessee is going hard on being a cis-het state.
The Tennessee government has just passed the “Passage of Religious Refusal” Bill which will allow for marriage discrimination against *anyone*.

This bill is designed to allow government officials to refuse solemnising any marriage they believe is against their religion – this can include LGBTQ, Interfaith, and Interracial Marriages…

Are we surprised? No.

This is coming from the most cis-het, Anti-LGBT state of the USA. Since 2015, they’ve passed “two bathroom bans, three laws against trans people in sports, a law allowing discrimination by state contractors providing child welfare services paid for with taxpayer funds, curriculum censorship bills, and more” according to the Human Rights Campaign.

There is a Nashville rally against the bills today from 6:30 PM.
If you’re in Tennessee, and are able to attend, please do.

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