Hyperfixations: Television and Film

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

Most people who read my content regularly will know I have AuDHD – combination ADHD and Autism.

That being said, I probably haven’t spoken enough about the shows and films I regularly rewatch for that sweet, sweet dopamine hit.

So, here’s a list of films and shows I regularly watch:


  • Doctor Who: Specifically New Who (2005 onwards). My favourite Doctor is Capaldi because I relate to him most, I think his Doctor is on the Autism spectrum – he certainly struggles with displaying emotions, whether at all or the right emotion at the right time. I love him. However, that being said, Matt’s Doctor is my Doctor. I grew up watching him, he was a very asexual character, and my first hetero crush was Matt Smith. Enough said.
  • Phineas and Ferb: If you’re never watched it, you must be walking around Disney+ with your eyes closed. This is honestly one of the best cartoons out there. It’s so funny and lovable. Keep it on repeat.
  • Bob’s Burgers: Another animation that is just fantastic. It has so much to relate to. This is Autistic heaven for me. I can put it on in the background and come back to it whenever and still know what’s happening. It also has men playing women (Dan Mintz plays Tina, John Roberts plays Linda) which makes me feel a little better about my slightly deep voice.
  • The Simpsons: Repetitive but beautiful. It’s got so much good content, even if you skip the problematic episodes. And, once again, a different gender playing a different gender – Bart is played by Nancy Cartwright (forever reminding me that boys can have slightly high pitched voices, too).
  • Grey’s Anatomy: It’s not for the medicine, it’s not even for Meredith – it’s entirely for the comedy and sad moments. If you need to cry, watch the Bus episode – if you know, you know.
  • Torchwood: Once again, barring the problematic episodes and actors, the series is full of sci-fi, heartbreak, and wonder. I love it. And the soundtrack is bomb.
  • Pokémon: It might be the only Anime that I enjoy watching – barring films, of course. I’m obsessed with Pokémon…
  • Sweet Home: Because Korean Horrors just hit the spot.


  • 28 Days Later: Because it’s the best Cillian Murphy film and potentially the best Zombie film to date. If it was a fungas, it would’ve been more realistic. Imagine what would happen if we crossed 28 Days and Last of Us… Holy Moly.
  • The Cornetto Trilogy: Horror at it’s finest. A perfect mix of Horror and Comedy, I love all three films. Given, the best is probably Hot Fuzz and worst is World’s End (without a doubt), but they’re brilliant.
  • Zombieland: Another example of Horror and Comedy thrown together to make something beautiful. This is more the gore factor than shock – the special effects were perfect.
  • Resident Evil Films: Because who doesn’t love Milla Jovovich? Barring some problematic actors, it’s a great set of films. Definitely more action than anything but still good. The first and fifth films are my favourite.
  • MCU: Literally all of them. Given, I have skipped Thor: The Dark World before because it’s hands down the worst MCU film out there (though The Eternals and Iron Man 3 are definitely giving it a run for it’s money). I will regularly rewatch the MCU, including the shows. They have so much comfort in them because of the characters having certain traits. Like Bucky being disabled, Iron Man having PTSD, and Peter P being Autistic.
  • A Silent Voice: Because as a hard of hearing, intermittent mute person, I love this so much.
  • Your Name: For the romance vibes.
  • Anything Studio Ghibli: For the times when I need to cry, but can’t get it out, so Ghibli comes out to fix it.
  • Anything Disney/Pixar: There are some films I won’t watch, but most I will.

As you can see, I have a lot of hyperfixations. The problem is, they don’t rotate as freely as they should. I have been known to watch the same film on repeat for several days (Encanto was the culprit in 2021).

If you want suggestions on Horrors to watch, let me know – I have a horde of horror films I could talk about. It’s easily one of my favourite genres. But, that’s it for now. I hope there’s some that you haven’t watched that you can try out, otherwise – let me know what you think so some of my opinions in the comments!

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1 thought on “Hyperfixations: Television and Film

  1. Oh definitely Disney including the following:
    Encanto definitely, only watched it about 24 times so plenty more views required.
    Mulan the live action film is a must see
    Muana again only watched this about 30 times

    TV Series – I have to include Sense8 such a beautiful series of inclussion and the struggle to survive without being hunted just because they are somehow different to other people.
    Re-watching the X-Files though the last season (11) not as good as the previous 10 seasons but still good.
    NCIS especially the new spin off NCIS Hawai’i but loved the original

    Films – The Jason Bourne series – again another series of great action films depicting the struggle to escape persecution by the “state”.
    I could go on but they are my top ones


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