2023 Oscars: Curtis, Bassett, and the Snubbing

Jamie Lee Curtis has just won her first Oscar. And while many Curtis fans are happy, many Angela Bassett fans are less so. Curtis won the Oscar for her role in Everything Everywhere All At Once as a supporting actress. And while we all know Curtis deserves an Oscar, is this the award she truly deserved? I think not.
Upon the award winner being announced, it was clear that a couple of the nominees were upset at their loss. Angela Bassett is getting the most flack for this, while her fellow nominee Kerry Condon has been ignored.

Angela Bassett and Hong Chao – Screenshot from the ABC LIVE Showing of the Oscars
Kerry Condon and Jamie Lee Curtis – Screenshot from the ABC LIVE Showing of the Oscars

While we’re all happy for Curtis finally getting an Oscar, many believe Bassett was snubbed. And I must agree. Out of five nominees, the award of course went to one of the two white women up for the prize.

After all, this is the Oscars – an awards event that is known for favouring white men and women over people of colour. The first African-American to receive an Oscar was Hattie McDaniel, who had to receive her award in a segregated hotel back in 1940…
Sidney Poitier was the first Bahamian-American to receive an Oscar in 1964…
And it was only in 2002 when Denzel Washington became the first black man to receive multiple Oscars.

So, why is this an issue?
Well, out of nearly 100 years of the Oscars, only 22 Black men and women have received an award (data as of 2021 award).
Which is why it’s entirely unsurprising that Angela Bassett, the only black nominee in the category, is the actor getting flack for looking upset that she didn’t win.

All I will say is this: if you produce an amazing piece of work, which gets you nominated for an award, which you sadly lose – you’re allowed to feel sad, disheartened, and angry. The only reason everyone is picking on Bassett is because she was sad, disheartened, angry, and black.

Angela deserves better.

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