The Worst Pet Option

Daily writing prompt
What animals make the best/worst pets?


Now, before you rip me a new arsehole – let me explain why rabbits are just THE WORST.

Firstly, they eat all your salad. So if you’re trying to lose weight by eating salad, don’t bother. You’ll have to eat a burger because your rabbit has eaten all the lettuce.

Secondly, they’re jumpy. They jump at everything.

Thirdly, they’re adorable! How are you supposed to work with a bunny around?! They’re cute and cuddly, and regularly want attention.

If you’ve not cottoned on (lol) that this is satire, please be aware that it is. Personally, my worst pet was a bunny called Minion. Not because he was a rabbit, not even because of him, but I adopted him at an unstable time in my mental health journey and when I had a meltdown – so did he. He eventually went to live with a lovely woman who’d kept rabbits for longer than I’d been alive, and he ended up being a very happy bunny in the end.

Rehoming an animal is horrible, because it’s like rehoming a family member. Apart from it’s easier to put your racist aunt in a home than it is to rehome a bunny rabbit. 

So, saying goodbye to him was horrible. But, it was best for him because I couldn’t make him happy.

Remember: adopt, don’t shop.

And if you think you might be in an unstable mental mindset – don’t adopt an animal without assistance. 

Given that I didn’t know I was about to go into a spiral from hell – but there were signs; hindsight is 20/20, after all.

April Journal Challenge – Day Three:

My least favourite so far – but here we go!

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