PLAYING HOUSE – Chapter Eight


“Alice…” Caden says, a concerned expression on his face. “Are you okay?”

“I’m in my underwear,” I blurt as I point at myself. Looking at him lying in my bed, I suddenly realise he’s entirely naked. What happened last night?

“Yeah, I can see that… I was more asking if you’re okay after yeeting yourself out of bed,” he chuckles awkwardly, still lying on his side – propped up by his right arm. “Though, I think I should now ask if you’re freaking out because you’re now sober or because you forgot what happened last night…”

Standing in front of him, in my underwear, all I can do is blink. My mouth is hanging open, my stomach churning, and my chest hurts. Do not have a panic attack right now! “What happened?” 

“Sit down,” he tells me.

I shake my head. “No.”

Caden moves, and the duvet slides off him – everything on display. While it’s not the first time, it’s certainly the first time in this situation. Getting a glance in passing is one thing, but this is just… too intimate. He grabs my arm and pulls me onto the bed. Sitting with my back against the headboard, Caden relaxes beside me and covers himself up. Thank, God.

“You don’t remember, do you?”

“Your girlfriend is going to kill me…” I mutter, thinking of Erica’s rage if she finds out he slept naked in my bed. 

Caden sighs, “unlikely, she’s the one who put me in the bed…”

My brows pull together as I stare straight ahead, frowning so hard I’m giving myself a headache. “Why would Erica put you in my bed? She didn’t like me seeing you fully clothed, never mind naked…”

He chuckles beside, shifting his weight so he’s lying on his side again. His left arm snakes around my waist, kissing up my arm and nuzzling against the tip of my shoulder. “Erica isn’t my girlfriend anymore.”

Butterflies in my stomach and my heart racing, I turn to look at him to find his big blue eyes peering up at me. Tears well in my eyes as it suddenly dawns on me that I can’t remember our first kiss. “I’m sorry,” I whimper.

Caden shifts to his knees, kneeling beside me and cupping my face in his big, strong hands. “Don’t,” he says. “Don’t you dare.”

“I can’t remember…” 

A sombre frown appears on his soft face. “Do you not want me now…?”

I quickly clamber to my knees, one hand on his right wrist and the other instinctively grabbing the nape of his neck. “I didn’t say that…” I pause. “I just can’t remember what happened. I need a refresher.” 

He sighs, as if relieved, before licking his bottom lip. His eyes glance down, lingering over me. “You’ll get more than a refresher, Alice.”

I bite my bottom lip as I look down, his toned stomach leading down to a trimmed bush and raging hard-on. I glance up, finding his eyes watching me. “Yes, please.”

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