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Walking into the apartment much later than intended, I find burnt-out candles and a nice meal on the table – cold. I sigh, put my bag down on the table by the door, kick my shoes off, and quietly enter the bedroom. I find her sprawled out in the middle of our bed, the duvet only covering from her waist downwards, the bedroom light on but dimmed. I look at the clock above the bed – it’s just gone midnight; she has to be up early in the morning. Don’t wake her. 

I unbutton my suit jacket and toss it into the laundry pile, doing the same with my pants and shirt – trying to stay as silent as possible. Stepping up to the bed, I pull back the duvet to find her without panties and a faint buzz coming from between her legs. I groan as she spreads her legs to show the flared base of the vibrator. I look at her face, finding her wide awake and smiling up at me. 

“I kept dinner warm for you,” she whispers, her breathing uneven and heavy.

Hardening as I stand naked next to the bed. Even after ruining dinner, she still stayed up for me. “Happy anniversary, Sugar.”

Alice giggles, grabbing my hand and pulling me on top of her. She wraps her arms and legs around me as I reach down with my free hand to relieve the vibrator of its duty. She moans loudly as the toy is removed with a wet pop. I throw it onto the other side of the bed and quickly take its place. Alice cries out from the sudden fullness, her pussy stretching around my cock. Moving my arms to cradle her, slowly thrusting – giving her time to adjust and relax, just the way she likes it.

I take her lips urgently as her fingers dig into my back. Her soft, full lips taste like cherries from her balm, going from glossy to damp as our tongues dance. 

Thirty minutes after walking in the door, she’s begging me to cum in her – and, of course, I give the lady what she wants. 

After giving her my load, I continue for a little longer, letting her milk me. When we’re both finally satisfied, I pull out and kneel between her legs. Biting my lip as I get to watch her play with her clit and see my load flow from her beautiful cunt. Even after two years, this nearly nightly occurrence is still the best view in New York.

I bat her hand away as I duck down, lapping at her pussy. Her thighs squeeze my head as she begins her climax, her feet on my back – I can feel her toes curl. 

Alice screams, her hands in my hair as she holds me in place. A rush of cum coats my chin, continuing to lick until she relaxes.

She releases me minutes later, legs spread on the bed. I lay my head on her thigh, watching as she drips. “I love you,” I whisper, stroking the inner thigh of her other leg.

“Are you talking to me or my pussy?” Alice jokes.

I move to lie beside her, grab her by the waist and pull her onto me. I kiss her before nudging her nose with mine. “You, but I also love your pussy. It’s my favourite meal of the day.”

Meals,” she corrects while she snakes her arms under my neck, her legs hanging down my sides as she straddles me.

She’s right. It’s never been just a single occurrence in a day, not without something significant happening – though I always make up for that the following day. “Good point, Mrs Miller.”

Alice rolls her eyes, trying to play it off but blushing like a schoolgirl. “You can’t call me Mrs Miller when I haven’t even said yes yet.”

My smile grows as I watch her realise what she’s just said. “Yet.”

She shakes her head before kissing me again. “I love you, too, Caden.”

It doesn’t matter how often I hear her say it, it makes my heart skip a beat every time. Squeezing her as I hold her on top of me, burying my head into the curve of her neck. I smile against her skin, feeling content in her embrace. “Thank you.”

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