Self-Proclaimed “Gender Critical” Men Sign-Up to HER Dating Platform

HER is an LGBTQ Dating Platform that strives for inclusivity in Women’s Dating. Designed for Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer individuals [whether Cis, Trans, Non-Binary, Intersex or Other].

On sign-up, you’re asked for your details as usual. You can then edit the filter to choose who you’re interested in dating. These filters include – but not limited to – Verified Profiles, Age, Location/Distance, Sexual Identity and, of course, Gender Identity.

For anything after Age and Location, you’ll need to use the Premium service on the platform.

So, what’s the problem?

A few Gender Criticals have noticed that the predominantly Lesbian platform also hosts Trans Women.

In response, dozens of Gender Critical CisHet Men have signed up to the platform – pretending to be Trans Women – to harass, intimidate, and dox women (both Cis and Trans).

Women, including those in the Gender Critical Movement, have begged these men to close down their profiles to avoid invading the Women’s only space and intimidating Cis Women.

And, of course, they have ignored Women and shown their Misogyny instead.

Here’s The D.A.G, who created a profile to “protect” women and protest HER.

And here he is, being a misogynist against the very women he claims to want to protect:

Ironically, there are dozens of profiles by these CisHet Men have been found by other CisHet Men, furthering their own outrage… 

Here is another CisHet Man who created a profile and ignored Women when called out:

So, I tested the app for myself. As a Non-Binary Woman, who is open to dating, I signed up. I got ten likes within an hour – with 90% being Cis Women.

Let that sink in: a platform designed for Women by Women (inclusive of Non-Binary, Trans, and Intersex Women), and 9 out of 10 of those likes were Cis Women. But the Gender Criticals suggest that we (Enby, Trans and Intersex Women) are invading and conquering the platform.

While my experience is just that – my own experience – I have this to say: if you’re a CisHet Man parading around on HER, knowing full well it is not for you – you’re the problem.

You’re the dangerous men invading women’s spaces.

You’re the dangerous men doxing women.

If you don’t listen to the women you claim to defend, then you’re just Misogynistic Transphobes – not Gender Criticals.

And finally:

CisHet Men do NOT have to pretend to be Trans in order to get into Women Only Spaces. Further proving that the Trans Moral Panic is Transphobia – plain and simple.

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