Have Nazi Views? You’re a Nazi.

Less than 100 years ago, the Nazi regime came to power in Germany and killed over 11 million people during the holocaust – including 6 million European Jews.[1]

Now, in 2023, I’m having to remind people why there shouldn’t be a but in a sentence that starts with “I don’t condone Nazism”…

For context, I am Non-Binary and Queer, and my heritage is Jewish. And while I no longer actively observe Judaism, since I have a rather significant lack of faith thanks to the shit storm that is this world – I still consider myself Jewish and actively call out Nazism, Anti-Semitism and the likes.

Now, let’s start with Twitter. This is a platform that I rarely use anymore, for good reason. Besides the fact, it’s a platform that is fine allowing death threats to be posted but regularly silences anyone who speaks against them – it’s also a platform that is seemingly filled to the brim with Nazis, a number of which are being accepted into the fold by the Gender Critical movement. 

Active right now on Twitter are many accounts titled “Gays against Groomers”[2]. It sounds like a good cause; I am also against groomers… The problem is that they’re accusing all trans people, and supporters, of being groomers rather than dealing with actual groomers.

In the 20th century, it was disgustingly common for gay people to be called groomers. This is because Cis-Het people believed that gay people were recruiting straight kids to be gay – which we know isn’t true.

Twenty years later, the same people that were called groomers – which is why groomer is considered a gay slur – are now using the same ideology towards trans and gender non-conforming people.

Their actions alone showcases at least two of the ten stages of genocide – stages one and four. [3] More on that can be read in my article on The Genocide of Trans People – Explained.[4]

Now, let’s look at a tweet – which appears to have since been deleted – by Gays Against Groomers Illinois.

"A child wearing anything queer related is worse than a Nazi having a child wear a shirt with a swatsika on it. The queer movement is more evil than the Nazis."

Besides the internalised homophobia, let’s discuss how they believe the Nazis killing 11 million people in the holocaust is less evil than the queer movement.

Firstly, as someone who is Jewish, and in a Jewish community, I’m strangely hyperaware that none of us or our ancestors have been actively hunted, imprisoned, and exterminated by the queer movement

Secondly, if being queer is so evil… Why are they still choosing to be gay?

Because they’re suggesting that the queer movement is recruiting children to be queer. Therefore, being Queer is a choice – and Queer includes Gay. So, shouldn’t they just… Choose to be straight? Or are they okay with being evil?

I wish that this stopped here, but it doesn’t. Because there are many accounts on Twitter that coincidentally say very similar things. An account, which was proven to be a fake profile run by a Gender Critical/Nazi, posted the following:

"I don't condone Nazism, but maybe the mustache man was onto something. Maybe we need to bring that tactic back, but not towards the innocent Jews for following their religion, but for trans for following pedophilic lifestyles."

Let that sink in. A Gender Critical person – albeit hidden behind a fake profile – actively thought it was a good idea to say they “don’t condone Nazism, BUT”.

For those of us who’ve had run-ins with this kind of Gender Critical, it’s unsurprising to know that they think this way. There have been, on many occasions, Nazi presence at Gender Critical rallies – notably those by Posie Parker. 

Less than 100 years after the largest known genocide in human history, the world is already considering giving it another try… It’s sickening.

Genocide never just happens. There is always a set of circumstances which occur or which are created to build the climate in which genocide can take place.


[1]. WWII Museum – 11 Million

[2]. Gays Against Groomers Exposed – The Advocate

[3]. The Ten Stages of Genocide – as set out by Dr Gregory H Stanton – Poster by HMDT

[4]. The Genocide of Trans People – by Theodora Rosenberg

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Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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