The Genocide of Trans People – Explained

I recently wrote about how Nazism is embedding itself into society by using Gender Critical Ideology and Right-Wing politics as its injection points. Because of this, I think it’s time to look at the Genocide of LGBTQ people – which sadly isn’t localised to a single state, country, or even a single continent. 

In my last article[1], I spoke about the organisation Gays Against Groomers, who’ve posted pro-Nazi content. Alongside this, they continue to use the word Groomer in their campaigns and company name. This slur was used for homosexuals in the 20th century, along with the homophobic concept that “the gays are recruiting children”. Now, they’re using it against Trans people – and Trans Allies.

Hiding behind their internalised homophobia is a pure and simple demand for eradicating otherness.

GAG is fundamentally against Trans individuals and their rights. While they often hide behind the Gender Critical movement’s falsehood protecting Women’s Rights, they continue to step on and attempt to dismantle women who support Trans people – including Trans children.

The organisation’s continued bombardment of the Trans community, both socially and politically, is several stages of genocide acted out simultaneously: Classification and Dehumanisation.

Sadly, these are not the only stages of Genocide that Trans people – and the rest of the LGBTQ community – are facing. So, let’s go through the stages – with the definition, explanation, and examples of what’s currently happening.

But first, let’s listen to the words of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust: 

Genocide never just happens. There is always a set of circumstances which occur or which are created to build the climate in which genocide can take place. These stages may occur simultaneously or in a different order.


Stage One: Classification 


Creating a them and us scenario. Using stereotypes to identify people, disrespecting a human’s differences, and excluding them from society for their difference. 


Using appearance to identify people as Transgender creates the stereotype that masculine women must be trans women. Bombarding individuals for proof of their true gender.


Kansas Bill: SB 180 – titled The Women’s Bill of Rights – has passed both House and Senate in Kansas, with the new law expected to take effect on July 1st. This will ban Gender Variant Women (Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex) from using the Women’s restroom, changing room, etc. But also forces Gender Variant Men (Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex) to use the Women’s restroom, changing room, etc. Gender Variant individuals will now have to risk being attacked by entering the restroom the state is forcing them to use.[3]

And let’s not forget what happened just last week – when Stew Peters, a right-wing online personality, disguised his misogyny as transphobia by suggesting P!NK (a masculine Cis Woman) is Trans simply due to her gender expression. [4]

Stage Two: Symbolisation


A visual manifestation of hate – forcing a group of people to be identifiable in some way.


During the Holocaust, Jews were forced to wear a yellow Star of David and Homosexuals were forced to wear a pink Triangle. At this moment in time, there is no single symbolisation being used to identify Trans People.

Stage Three: Discrimination


The dominant group denies civil rights to identified groups.


Denying Trans people fundamental civil rights: Freedom of Speech, Movement, and Expression, Healthcare, Work, and Education.


Several states in the USA are currently banning Gender Identity treatments (blockers and hormones) for Trans children, making marriage discrimination legal, and putting bills into action to remove Trans and Gender Non-Conforming peoples’ Freedom of Expression. [5]

Trans Politician, Zooey Zephyr, is currently being censured by Republican politicians in Montana state, even though she’d been democratically elected – simply for defending LGBTQ rights. [6]

Due to everyday discrimination in Schools, Workplaces, and even at home – LGBT people have worsening mental health with 68% overall experiencing Suicidal Ideation. With 88% and 86% of Trans and Non-Binary people experiencing Suicidal Ideation.[7] [8]

Stage Four: Dehumanisation


Stripping of human rights, calling the group by a specific term, and attempting to strip them of their personal dignity. 


Calling Trans people Groomers, removing Healthcare, Freedom of Speech, Movement, and Expression, and Education.


Bills in place that will force trans people out of society – like the Kansas SB 180 Bill; states that have or are trying to revoke trans healthcare: Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana. [9]

An alarming amount of states also have laws banning trans students from using school facilities consistent with their gender identity. [10]

Stage Five: Organisation


Planned action – Rallying to carry out acts of violence against the minority.

Government Support – providing training and support to the dominant group to commit acts of violence against the minority.


Governments – such as the UK and USA – are actively giving violent Gender Criticals a platform, providing guidance and training to education and healthcare professionals.


In the UK, a discussion is ongoing about providing education and healthcare professionals with advice and guidance to follow when confronted with a child who may be questioning their identity. This is explicitly being talked about regarding alerting the parents if a child is seen as questioning their sexual or gender identity, which will likely lead to a rise in Conversion Therapy, Abuse, and Suicide. [11]

Stage Six: Polarisation


Hate groups spread propaganda.


Newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Independence, The Mirror, The Sun, The Times, The Telegraph, and The Guardian, to name a few, are all known for publishing falsehood content about trans individuals to stoke fires.


Over 90% of writing pertaining to the “Trans Lobby” in the UK was Negative in 2018-2019.[12] From 2009 to 2019, there has been a 400% increase in media coverage of Transgender issues.[13] IPSO stated that all articles published at the time were one or more of the following: “Disrespectful”, “Human Interest”, and “Policy and Legislation”. 

The Disrespectful content contained pejorative terms and references and consisted of mocking Trans people.

The Human Interest content mainly spoke on individuals and their challenges – these articles were predominately neutral or supportive.

The Policy and Legislation content was about government proposals, debating transgender existence, and the potential impact trans people have on broader society. IPSO noted that they “Increase in questioning tone of coverage”.

Stage Seven: Preparation


The dominant group planning the final stages of Genocide – acts of genocide cloaked as self-defence.


Planning attacks – whether political, cyber, or physical – to remove people from society. All of this is currently happening.


Trans people are being forced off of cyber platforms [social media, websites, etc.] and trans people having civil rights taken away by politicals parties and their supporters. But, as mentioned under Stage One: Classification, Trans people are being threatened for existing.

Recently, with the Kansas Bathroom Bill – banning Trans people from using the Bathroom which corresponds with their gender rather than their sex – Trans Men have taken to social media to let everyone know what the Republicans have just signed in. Instead of allowing Trans Women to use the correct bathroom, they’re now forcing Trans Men to share bathrooms with Women.

YourLocalTranpa, a Kansas Trans Man, took to TikTok to point this out saying: “So y’all don’t get to say anything when this face walks into a Women’s Restroom in Kansas”. And, of course, Republicans, Right-Wingers, and Transphobes were upset about this – with many even threatening his life. Completely ignorant to the fact that he is a Trans Man, not a Trans Woman, and that this is literally what they asked for.[14]

Stage Eight: Persecution


Victims are identified and segregated – the beginning of Genocidal Massacres.


Trans people are actively sought and killed – with the majority being Black and Latina Trans Women – across the globe.


In 2022 alone, at least 327 [15] trans and gender-diverse people were killed worldwide – with 131 [16] in Brazil and at least 38 [17] in the USA.

Stage Nine: Extermination


Murder via a deliberate and systematic campaign of violence.


While extermination has not happened, we’re in the early stages of this due to some locations in the USA forcing trans people to detransition or be considered a felon. Many right-wing individuals have also called for the extermination of Trans people, including Michael Knowles. [18]

Stage Ten: Denial


Perpetrators or later generations deny the existence of any crime and destroy evidence or silence witnesses and victims via intimidation.


As the crimes happen – human rights being stripped, trans people being attacked and murdered, segregation being put in place – people are still in denial about this happening. 


Anti-Trans individuals hear a Trans person has been killed and say, “They must’ve done something”. They ignore the facts presented to them and intimidate witnesses to silence them.

Genocide never just happens. There is always a set of circumstances which occur or which are created to build the climate in which genocide can take place. These stages may occur simultaneously or in a different order.


Right now, there are only two stages from the Ten Stages of Genocide that we are not experiencing. And we’re not the only ones. 

Because just like every genocide, it starts by taking the minority and their allies [anyone who supports the minorities], followed by anyone else the regime deems undesirable.

Genocide doesn’t just happen; it’s planned from the beginning.


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