Met Police Arrest 52 Republic Protesters – Unlawfully

As the world comes to terms with King Charles III officially being in power, we’re seeing less about protesters being arrested than about the Royals “volunteering”.

On Saturday, protests happened nationwide – raising issues for animal welfare, climate change, and much-needed political change.
Republic – a campaign to remove the monarchy and reform the political structure – protested… Or attempted to.
While the organisation had permission from the Met Police to protest in Trafalgar Square, 52 arrests were made by the very police that approved the protest. They were held for 16 hours on no grounds and cause for suspicion.

While so many are currently struggling to pay everyday bills, having to choose between heating and eating, and homelessness on the rise – it’s no surprise that the Pattern Up Collective decided to make a mock-up of the Universal Credit screen from the Gov website displaying that King Charles’ monthly allowance is 7.2 million.

Poster by Pattern Up Collective. Photo Credit: The Argus

At this moment in time, the UK Government is refusing to admit the cost of the coronation. However, if we go by how much the UK regularly forks out for the Royals (William and Kate’s wedding cost 6.3 million, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which cost nearly 1.3 billion, and the Platinum Jubilee cost us at least 28 million), I think 7.2 million is a bit low balling, don’t you?

As the UK’s media rushes to hide the protest arrests, we are being flooded by images of the King’s Grandchildren, Louis, Charlotte, and George, who stole the show “as Royals help out on day of volunteering” to celebrate the crowning of the king…

So, while the monarch-loving lot are enjoying their moment, let’s give Republic a little hand.
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