“Not All Men” – Just 1% of the UK’s Population PER YEAR

I recently found a TikTok asking: “If men stopped existing, what would women do?”

And there were so many responses. Anything from going to a nightclub for a dance to a walk after 5 PM

And, of course, men piped up, asking why women can’t currently do these things.

It reminded me of a video where a man asked, “If there were no men, who would protect you?” And a woman responded with: “Protect us from who?”

In this day and age, it shouldn’t surprise any man that men are instinctively and, often unconsciously, seen as predators since 98% of adults prosecuted for sexual violence are men. [1]

But, of course, the first thing we get when this is pointed out is: “Not All Men”.

As if that makes this any better. As if that takes away the pain that women have experienced. As if that stops another man from attacking.

When I hear “Not All Men”, I hear “All Lives Matter”. I hear that not only have they missed the point being made, but they’ve also taken offence – which is usually an indication of guilt; whether by being guilty of the action or guilty of being a bystander.

By the logic of “Not All Men”, we should stop being afraid of sharks because they only killed nine people in 2022, and only five were unprovoked. That’s only five bad sharks out of one billion… As a percentage, that’s 0.0000005… [2]

If we apply the same logic to the UK population, we shouldn’t have a fear of men since only 1.1 million sexual assaults were reported between March 2021 and March 2022. If that’s a different perpetrator every time, that’s only 1.1 million abusers active in a single year… That’s 3.3% of the population of men in the UK. [3]

When I last said this percentage to a man, I was told: “Well, it’s in single figures”. As if that’s something to be thankful for.

So, let’s take a look at rapes. Approximately 18% of rapes are reported to the police, leaving 82% unaccounted for or dismissed by police and never formally reported. [4]

The 18% reported between September 2021 and September 2022 is 70,633 – making the estimate of rapes in the UK around 392,400.
94% of the UK’s rape victims are women[5], and 98% of the perpetrators are men.

If we accept that it’s one perp per victim, that’s 368,856 (women) victims and 384,552 (men) perpetrators. That’s 1.09% of the UK’s women raped in 2021 – 2022, with 1.2% of the UK’s men raping people.

One Percent of the UK population… In a single year.

So, when presented with the question of what I’d do if there were no men on earth for a week, this is my answer:

  • I’d go swimming again.
  • I’d go to the beach and wear whatever I wanted to.
  • I’d go for a late-night walk and stargaze.
  • I’d go to bed without worrying that my bedroom door has no lock.
  • I’d be able to sit in my office, wearing my headphones, without worrying that someone will enter and come up behind me.
  • I’d be able to be myself in public without a man telling me to calm down or to smile.
  • I’d be able to go for a drink with my friends without a man threatening me because I refused his offer of a drink.

I’d finally be able to do the things in life that men see as unimportant, because I’d finally be safe.


[1]. 98% of adults prosecuted for sexual offences are men – Rape Crisis

[2]. Global total of unprovoked shark bites significantly lower than average – Florida Museum

[3]. Sexual offences in England and Wales overview: year ending March 2022 – Office for Netional Statistics

[4]. Most survivors of rape don’t report it to the police – Rape Crisis

[5]. 94% of survivors of rape or attempted rape are women – Cambridge Rape Crisis

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