Respite Required – Self Care is Essential

It’s Self Care Saturdays, which means we must practice some well-needed self-care.

First, I want to give you some affirmations that I’ve put together real quick:

Now, let’s talk about how we need to quit the media every once in a while.

As someone who regularly writes on current events, I have to read a lot of stuff – whether it’s from a social media news feed, tabloids, newspapers, or even reading government legislation… 

I’m currently learning how to take a step back. Because whether we like it or not – we need to take care of ourselves.

If we constantly battle without respite, we will eventually burn out and be dormant for several weeks to even months… And in my case, years.

So, today is a day I want you to take for yourself. Have some time off. Read through funny Reddit feeds, watch a movie or binge a series you love, or read a nice book (like one of mine *wink, wink*).

Do something other than ingesting the toxic bollocks that we regularly have shovelled down our throats. We all deserve rest, and care, and love. 

Take a break to care and love yourself. 

And if you need help, whether it’s just a chat or someone to play a game with, or even just to co-exist with for a few hours – there’s a place for that: 

Please note that the Stay Queer server has closed down. However, The Butterfly Sanctuary server is recommended for anyone seeking support and community while dealing with an Eating Disorder.
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