Dignity In Death – the David Hunter Trial

It’s time like this when we’re reminded that Assisted Dying isn’t allowed, at all, in many parts of the world.

David Hunter, from Northumberland, is currently on trial in Cyprus for killing his wife.

Janice Hunter had a rare blood cancer that caused her constant pain. In her final days, she was unable to move due to the pain and weakness the condition was causing.

David has stated that Janice begged daily for her life to end. He eventually suffocated her by holding his hand over her mouth and nose, causing her death. In the moment, he says his “mind switched off”.

During the case, David has said:
“My mind was full 24 hours a day thinking of my wife. She was lying in pain, suffering, I couldn’t do anything to help her.
I wanted her to change her mind. I kept saying it’s not easy [to help someone die], you can’t just do something like that.
I had no intention of killing her.
It was her decision, she didn’t want any more treatment. I can’t tell her, she’s got her own mind and she asked me. She wasn’t just my wife, she was my best friend.
You haven’t seen the strain of the last six years, what she’s gone through – the situation, the pressure. I wouldn’t like anyone to go through the last six months we both went through.”

Early into the trial, it was heard how David had confessed to his brother, about killing his wife, over Facebook – before attempting to take his own life.

Lesley, the couple’s daughter, has said: “a very emotional experience to see my dad have to relive the worst day of his life”.

This is a solid reminder that dying with dignity is sorely needed, especially for those with a terminal illness – not just to end the pain of the person and to give them dignity in their death, but also to save their loved ones from experiencing this very experience.

If you’d like to assist with the Dignity in Dying campaign in the UK, please click the button below.

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