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It’s Trauma Tuesdays and this morning the following post was published on the Relationship Advice subreddit.

Now, there’s a few things I want to make clear from this:
– this man HIT his girlfriend TWICE
– while they are in a romantic BDSM relationship, they WERE NOT in session

So, where do I start?
Firstly, to the person who wrote this: run.

This woman has been with her partner for 8 months, while he’s never been abusive before from what we currently know – it’s a major red flag that he did it once, let alone twice.

Secondly, the fact he did it a second time shows that this wasn’t a mistake, it was a thought out action.
Maybe he did it to try and shock her out of crying, maybe he did it because he was upset she was sad about her ex – these are not excuses.
There is no reason to do this, and honestly it’s horrifying how many people I’ve already seen demonise BDSM relationships because of men like him.

In conclusion, this girl needs to run and start anew.
There should be no abuse in any relationship – BDSM or not – slapping people is not a normal experience in any relationship.

If you’re in a relationship and your significant other is hitting you, without your consent, please leave – you deserve better.

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