When To Back Away

An act of self-care is knowing when to stop talking to people that either constantly upset you or deliberately hurt you.
This goes for everyone, whether they’re a family member, a friend, a colleague, or even people you were considering dating.

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Talking to people should be fun; it should give us happiness – especially when talking to people we choose to speak with. So, why would we stick around to get verbally abused, hurt, or degraded by people we have a choice on whether or not to speak to?

The question is – do you have to tell them why you’re not responding?
For this one, it depends.
If it’s a parent, family member, close friend, or partner – probably. Not because they deserve an explanation as to why you’re feeling hurt, but so that they can’t report you as missing.
Anyone else, no. You don’t have to give them an explanation as to why you stopped talking. Especially considering that it’s more likely to put you in danger.

If the only emotions you’re getting from them are negative, you have to consider whether you need them in your life. What is their presence doing for you? Is that negative experience causing you to doubt yourself? Or feel worthless, down, and anxious?
If so, is being around them worth the damage it’s doing to your mental health?

Take a break, and revisit if you must. But remember that you don’t have to talk to people who make you feel like you’re not enough.

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