Holy Hell – Erotic Flash Fiction

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I feel a presence next to me before I hear someone say, “aren’t you a pretty little thing” over the music.

I turn to my left, finding a very tall woman standing next to me, her chest in my immediate eyesight. Oh, my. 

“Can I get you a drink?” She asks. I peer up, feeling like I’m peaking over her breasts due to the height difference. To say she’s beautiful would be an insult, an understatement.

Her dirty blonde hair is up in space buns, her full lips are painted red, and her eyes are bordered with thick black eyelashes and winged liner. “What’s up, Cutie? Pussy got your tongue?”


It wasn’t planned; I didn’t go out to get laid, but who am I to say no to her?

Standing in her bedroom, surrounded by purple walls and a bed covered in black satin, she grabs me from behind – holding me against her. “Shall we have some fun?”

I nod, my breathing becoming uneasy.

“Then get undressed,” she whispers before nipping my earlobe with her teeth. In a second, she’s gone. I undress quickly, almost ripping my shirt with how quickly I take it off.

I hear a couple of thuds behind me as my jeans drop, leaving me in my boxers in the middle of her bedroom. If I die tonight, at least I’ll die happy.

“Let’s get these off,” she says before rapidly tugging off my boxers – leaving me naked. She steps closer, wrapping her arms around my waist and pulling me close. With her heels off, she’s still taller than me. “You said you’ve taken a strap before,” she whispers. 

I nod as she kisses across my shoulder, up my neck and traces the edge of my earlobe with her tongue. “How big? And be truthful, because while I want to rock your world – I would prefer not to go to A&E tonight,” she giggles softly as she withdraws her right hand from my stomach, dragging her nails across my lower back before grabbing my right buttcheek and squeezing. 

“Five inches, two-inch diameter,” I announce without hesitation.

“Good boy,” she purrs.

Holy hell. 

“How long ago?” She moans as she grinds against me.

“Last night.”

She stops for a second, not moving. “Solo or do I have competition?”

“It was solo. I’m single. But if I wasn’t, I would be now anyway,” I explain, my breathing uneven.

“Are you trying to earn another Good Boy?” She groans, her hands moving back to my stomach and slowly descending. As her right-hand strokes me, her left scoops and tugs on my balls. “When I let go of you, you’re going to stand in front of the mirror for me, okay?” 


“Okay, what?” She says before sinking her teeth into my shoulder, squeezing my dick and giving my balls a rough tug.

I moan as pre-cum begins to drip off my tip. “Okay, Mistress,” I cry as my head falls back, my eyes squeeze tight, and my mouth hangs open. 

She lets go, her sudden absence making me ache. “What did I say?” Mistress growls due to my hesitation. 

I move quickly, standing in front of the full mirror, bending and putting my hands on either side of the frame. Watching her through the mirror, I see her unclip the ring from her strap, turn away as she picks a toy from the wardrobe and clips it back in.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Whatever you do, do not resist. My eyes open when I feel her presence again. She squirts an ungodly amount of lube into her hand before putting the bottle on a nearby table. Using her hand to lather up her toy before running her hand between my cheeks and slowly sliding two fingers into me. She spreads her fingers apart while inside, stretching me out. “You’re so tight,” she whispers and withdraws. “Ready?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I whimper, spreading my legs a little wider as I feel her press the tip against my arsehole. 

As the tip breaches, she moves her hands to my lower back. “You look so handsome.” She thrusts, catching me off guard. I push back, letting her fill me, keeping my arms straight and palms flat against the wall. “Good boy.” She pulls out and pushes back in with speed, her thighs smacking against me. As she moves into an even rhythm, she reaches around and begins to wank me again, twitching under her delicate hand as my arse takes a pounding. 

“Mistress,” I moan as her hand moves over the tip of my cock and wipes my pre-cum down my dick, lubing me up. “I’m getting close.”

“Don’t you dare,” she roars, pounding me so hard my arms begin to bend – unable to keep myself stable against the wall. “I’m going to need my drink.” She bites her lip before she lets go of my dick and licks her hand clean. “You taste so good.” She keeps pounding, moving her hands to my shoulders – letting her pull me back.

“Fuck,” I scream, my cock throbbing and twitching.

She pulls out suddenly, leaving me empty and my arse aching. 

Suddenly she’s kneeling before me. Mouth wide, tongue extended out, and stroking me with speed. I erupt, shooting strings of cum across her face. She takes the tip in her mouth, sucking me dry. I stand up, grabbing her head and pushing myself as deep as possible – my cock hitting the back of her throat as I release the last of my cum. Her hands are on my ass as she begins to gag; I try to pull out, but she keeps me still – holding me in her throat as she swallows my load. 

Holy hell.

“So, Scarlett,” I mutter, lying in her bed with her head on my chest. “When are we getting married?”

She laughs, slapping my stomach before peering up at me. “Let’s see if you can take my twelve incher, first.”

“Tw-twelve?” I stutter.

She climbs on top of me, straddling me – grinding her cunt against my cock. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll warm you up first.”

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.
Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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